Hybrid Polymers

How we work with clients

The team at Hybrid Polymers


Is this your company’s profile?

  • Require new anti-microbials or anti-oxidants in your product range
  • Have the capacity to co-fund R&D projects
  • Willing to undertake Joint Technology Planning (JTP, below) with the Hybrid Polymers Team.
  • Interest in new materials technologies and nanotechnology
  • An understanding that new anti-microbials or anti-oxidants will enable your company to grow
  • You have a CEO and senior management that understand the opportunity and are keen to gain commercial advantage from it.

Why? These are the characteristic of companies capable of working with transformational technology. This is where the greatest gains can be made with hybrid polymer technologies.

Joint Technology Planning (JTP)

This is the approach we use with our clients. In a Joint Technology Planning session, we form a unified brainstorming team including our R&D specialists with your senior managers, technical and marketing experts. This approach is usually called cooperative research.

A pre-requisite for a JTP is the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The JTP structure is outlined below:

  • You will define your company’s core business and your technology aspirations? What market impact would these aspirations have?
  • You will be informed of the R&D capabilities in the Hybrid Polymers Team;
  • In joint unified brainstorming with selected members of the Hybrid Polymers Team, you will identify two or three joint projects enabling you to generate new sales here, or internationally.
  • A commercial in confidence report describing the joint projects identified during the JTP will be drawn up by the Hybrid Polymers team and submitted to your senior management for further improvement and amendment to ensure the strongest possible commercial benefits;
  • Establish scope, resourcing, time-frame and terms of engagement. A collaborative R&D agreement will be drawn up. It’ll include elements such as the amount of co-funding by the Hybrid Polymers programme and your company, milestones, your go-to-market strategy and your commercialisation plan.
  • Once you’ve outlined your business case and marketing plan, you’ll receive an exclusive licence to the intellectual property (IP) in your own market sector.

What we’re working on now with industry partners

Over the past three years, we have worked though JTP meetings with 15 selected companies that have a demonstrated commercial interest and capability in anti-microbials and anti-oxidants. We are at the early discussion stage with many other companies in NZ and internationally.