Hybrid Polymers

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The University of Auckland’s Hybrid Polymers team is the only group in New Zealand developing anti-microbial and anti-oxidant polymers.

Media contact

Anne Beston
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 83258
Mobile: +64 21 970 089
Email: a.beston@auckland.ac.nz

We can talk about conducting polymers at technical and consumer levels.

We can show you:

  • Examples of products.
  • The results of experiments.
  • Some of the technology we use.

Conducting polymers appear in all sorts of consumer products and have crucial roles in hygiene and safety, including:

  • Packaging food products from raw meat to juice to protect and extend shelf-life.
  • Food processing, such as conveyor belts.
  • Coating for hearing devices from mp3 players to headphones, and hearing aids.
  • Hygienic coatings in hospital and factories.
  • Wound dressings, sanitary products, and disposable clothing.
  • Air-conditioning and air filters to the growth of health threatening bacteria (eg Legionnaire's disease).

We can also talk about the underlying technology of polymers, including:

  • Electrospun fibres.
  • Microwave radiation to deliver high yield.
  • Thermoplastic composites.
  • Grafting to oxides.
  • Antioxidant plastics.

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